Adventures in Black and White

At a time when we seem to be searching for a clear answer to the question ‘who are we?’, Double Trouble wonders instead if the challenge of finding the authentic story of our ancestors is to be celebrated.



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Based on our grandparents’ diaries, Adventures in Black and White explores displacement and its aftermath. Using storytelling, sound- and image-scapes, we follow the parallel lives of two people in exile, one in Siberia, the other in Sussex, both forced to leave their homes as children in the first half of the twentieth century.

Their experience of displacement has crystallised into half-remembered stories, blurry photographs, family habits and two Granddaughters who are having trouble finding their roots. The imagery we create touches on the universal nature of ‘displacement’, connecting the characters’ experiences to those of others, including in the present.

We explore the light within the dark: the creative survival tactics employed by young people in exile, the idiosyncratic habits passed down through the generations of families who have been displaced, and the fertility that lies within the inability to get back to our origins.

Creative Team:
Devised and Performed by Judita Vivas and Miriam Gould
Dramaturgy – Charles Adrian
Design – Andrea Carr
Set – Marcela Iriarte Villalobos
Costume – Robin Lill
Photography – Nina Carrington
Video – Monir El Haimar

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We started making this show in 2016 with the help of “Starting Blocks”, a theatre artist programme run by Camden People’s Theatre. We would like to sincerely thank them and the amazing performance and rehearsal venues who have hosted and supported our troubled selves since then: Streatham Space Project, Battersea Arts Centre, Little Hall Pinetum and St Algar’s Farm.

We are forever grateful to the following creatives for their advice and support: Melanie Wilson, Tara Fatehi Irani, Miriam Sherwood, Hannah Maxwell, Allegra Galvin, John Evans, Dominic Conway

Finally, this show would not have been finished without the incredible generosity of ALL our Crowdfunder supporters.


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